The Crazy Bookworm 2.0 – Blog Updates etc!

tcb updatesHey guys, Tara here. It was quite a boring Monday for me and classes ended very early, so with nothing else to do I decided to play around with photoshop. The end results were 1.) a blog banner and 2.) new star graphics for my book ratings.

I was a bit surprised by the amount of people using the same theme as I am, some of them book blogs that have existed longer than me, so with that in mind I tried really hard to come up with ‘upgrades’ that would set TCB (The Crazy Bookworm) apart before any confusion as to which blog belongs to who could begin. I don’t know if I succeeded, but aside from the banner and the rating stars I also added a background image. Also, a book review policy and some answered questions are now included in my About The Blog page, and The Nocturnal Library has just joined my endorsed blog list (the other one being The Book Geek). There were no link-back exchanges for this first two since they are basically my favorite book blogs in the world, but you can now join this list by requesting to be linked-to via my contact form or by commenting on this post, provided that you link back to me on your blog. I will open 2 spots for this and depending on how many of you express your willingness for this exchange, I will pick the two that I like best.

And by the way, Thanks A Lot to those people who have been reading and liking my reviews! You guys are awesome and though I am an ammateur, I feel very appreciated and welcome into this new part of the blogosphere that I’ve been recently exploring. For you guys I promise to do better and deliver honest, credible reviews as much as I can. xxx

So yeah, I guess that’s everything I had to say. Once again, thanks!  And don’t forget to send in your link-back requests! Happy reading! ♥


What are your thoughts on this post? Comment and share them with me!

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