It’s Top Ten Tuesday! (TTT #2)


Wow, sorry for publishing this way late, but I had to. As you all know, TTT is a weekly book meme event hosted @ The Broke and the Bookish. Last week’s topic (which this one is for) is about our Top Ten Most Favorite Secondary Characters. So yes, without further ado, here’s the list that I’ve come up with, and boy let me tell you that it was damn hard to pick from all the many lovely secondary characters I’ve come across in my reading life. But yep, here you go, in no particular order:

  1. Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter Series) – If you don’t have him on your list, I am judging you. Enough said.
  2. Primrose Everdeen (The Hunger Games) – Brave little Prim and her ducktail. When she died in the third book, I cried so hard I woke up the neighbors. Not. Even. Kidding.
  3. Margaery Tyrell (A Song of Ice and Fire) – I like the book version of her as well as HBO’s TV version. Margaery is a very strong female character in ASOIAF and I believe that she will only grow more so as the story progresses. I want to think that George RR Martin has grand plans for her in The Winds of Winter, that she will be essential somehow to Sansa or in King’s Landing, maybe to Daenerys and Aerys too. I really, really love her character and all it represents.
  4. Eowyn, Lady of Rohan (The Lord of The Rings) – She killed a nazgul, ohmygod. If that isn’t badass then I don’t know what is.
  5. Reyna (Heroes of Olympus) – I want to be Reyna, at the same time I don’t want to be Reyna. She’s the kind of person I envy because she is able to separate her feelings from her duty. She has a strong sense of self preservation as was proven when Jason returned with Piper in tow, and yet Reyna never begged him to come back to her or anything equally desperate. But  just imagine how lonely she must be deep down with no one to talk to, no one to confide in because of her position in the Roman demigod ranks. I don’t think I can handle that much emotional isolation even if it’s for the greater good. But Reyna can, and that’s A+ for you, Reyna.
  6. Uriah (Divergent Trilogy) – Eek! URIAAAAAH. I love Uriah probably more than I love four. He’s smart, funny, and a gentleman. He remained being a good friend to Tris despite everything that happened, and most of all I love his relationship with his brother, Zeke.
  7. Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy) – At the end of this series I ended up caring more about what happened to Adrian the sexy drunkard spirit user than to anyone else in the book, including Rose. Imagine how happy I was when they announced his comeback in Bloodlines.
  8. Newt (The Maze Runner Trilogy) – I love Newt more than I love anyone from this trilogy with the exception of Teresa. He was the first person to treat Thomas like an actual human being and he’s always making the hard decisions when Alby was incapable of them. And when he got the flare… I died a little. No, scratch that. I died a lot. I hate James Dashner for doing that to Newt. Like, dude no. WHY. WHY must you put me through this much suffering?!?! And now it’s being made into a movie and the world isn’t big enough to contain my excitement.
  9. Angela (The Lynburn Legacy) – Beautiful, moody, Angela, who balances the Kami equation. Angela as a character perfectly compliments Kami and added more spunk into the plot of Unspoken.
  10. Sarah Hart (The Lorien Legacy) – She isn’t even a member of the Garde and yet she is just a bad-ass as Six when it comes to facing down Mogadorians. I hated how she was falsely accused in the earlier books, only for us to learn how badly she was treated by the Mogs during The Rise of Nine. Like, how can you not love Sarah Hart after everything she went through for John?


That’s my list! What’s on yours? Drop me links and comments and let’s talk. x

Happy reading! ♥


4 thoughts on “It’s Top Ten Tuesday! (TTT #2)

  1. Katie @ Book Savvy says:

    I completely agree with having Uriah on your list! I have seen a lot of people with Four and Tris’s mum on their lists, but it is an interesting twist to include Uriah. He always seemed so upbeat despite the depressing Dauntless surroundings, and he was supportive as well. Plus, I also included Prim on my list! I saw that a lot of people had Rue, but I think that Prim was just as important because she was Katniss’s reason for entering the Games in the first place.
    Check out my TTT list and my YA book blog, Book Savvy:

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