Stacking The Shelves #2


One of the book memes I look forward to every week is Tynga’s Reviews Stacking The Shelves. I love sharing my recent book haul to my fellow book-lovers and I also can’t wait to see what they got for themselves. It’s a great way to find new titles and meet new people while blog-hopping, and it’s a lot of fun to make creative ways of presenting your post. Any book, no matter the format or manner of acquisition is welcome to be added to your Stacking The Shelves list. This week, I got six new books and one audiobook, and I am so stoked to tell you about them.

From Kobo and Amazon:


I bought The Spectacular Now because I was curious when I found out it was made into a movie with Shailene Woodley in it. I love Shailene, and she seems to be getting such huge roles lately! Apparently, in the movie adaptation, she gets to play Aimee, and now I can’t wait to find out what book Aimee is like. Skulduggery Pleasant is one of my most favorite book series of all time, probably next to Harry Potter, and Last Stand of Dead Men is the penultimate installment. I also really, really like The Lorien Legacy, and The Fall of Five is it’s fourth book so I immediately bought it the day after it came out. Love You Hate You Miss You is a recommendation from my friend Kathryn. She always recommends the best books, so I made sure to get a copy of this one.

From Netgalley:


To tell you that I was excited to see a David Levithan book in my approved list will be an understatement. Boy Meets Boy was originally published last 2005, but they were offering copies for readers that are not from the U.S. or the U.K., and since I’m from Asia, I immediately clicked the request button. When the affirmative email came in, I jumped up and down with joy! I feel so lucky, haha. I also got Sia from Netgalley, and I have to say, the synopsis is really intriguing and the reviews have nothing bad to say so far. Approved requests really do excite me a lot, and these two look very promising. I cannot wait to start reading them.

From Audible:


An audiobook, yay! I was debating whether or not to buy an actual copy of Blood Red Road or to buy an audiobook so I could listen to the suspense. After reading the reviews, I decided it would be a one of a kind experience to listen to it instead. I started today, and it’s really fantastic so far. Here’s to hoping it stays that way ‘til the end. Smile

What do you think of my latest haul? Leave me comments and links to your own so I can check them out too!

Happy reading! x ♥



26 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves #2

  1. Bree says:

    Awesome haul! I’ve received SIA recently as well – it looks interesting! I hope you like Blood Red Road – I loved it but the narration was odd to read – maybe it will be better with a good narrator on audio.
    Happy reading!
    Here’s my STS!
    Bree @ Coffee Bean Bookshelf

    • Tara Ho says:

      Hi, Bree! Blood Red Road is very interesting and it’s working for me so far, although I know what you mean about the odd narrative. Sia is looking very promising too and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. ^_^

      Anyway, I’ll be sure check out your STS! Thanks for dropping by and happy reading as well. x

    • Tara Ho says:

      I haven’t seen the movie yet but I really want to! I love Shailene Woodley to pieces.

      And thanks Pam! I’m headed to your blog now to check out your list. x

  2. michelleandleslie says:

    i really wanna read spectacular now and then see the movie. i really want to see shailene woodley’s acting in other than life of an american teenager to kinda see if she what can do.

    hope you can stop by my StS.

    -michelle @ Michelle & Leslie’s Book Picks

    • Tara Ho says:

      I love Shailene and I’m really excited to see more of her on screen! She’s playing big roles and all of them had been my favorite fictional character at some point, so the Spectacular Now movie and book excites me a lot!

      I’ll be sure to drop by your blog, Michelle! Thanks for popping by on here! x

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