Life updates from The Crazy Bookworm

Hey, hey, hey!

Such a long time has passed since I last posted in this blog, and I feel like I’ve missed so much! I have been creeping on Goodreads for the most part though, rearranging my shelves and writing short reviews of books that I’ve read. But life has gotten so busy lately that I’ve neglected this blog…again.

So I kinda want to give a short update about how my life has been for the last two months! First of all, I’m doing really well at work. I’m not employee of the year or anything, but I also expected to mess up a lot, which fortunately didn’t happen. I guess that’s my anxiety speaking, and I can’t help but be reminded of that viral Tumblr post that went around few months back about crying but doing the thing anyway, because it felt exactly like that a lot of the time. Somehow, I manage to make it through everyday even though I have to give myself pep talks every time I have to call clients (you’re fine, you’re going to be okay, it’s just a phone call). As a proof of me doing okay at work and my employers noticing my astronomical effort not to fall apart, here’s this:


See? Aren’t you proud of me? I’m definitely proud of myself.


I also have really funny workmates!!!

But aside from that, I also did a THG reread to honor the end of the movie franchise. It was a wild ride from start to finish because it felt so good to reconnect with all the characters I’ve grown to love and/or despise, but also achingly painful due to all the deaths I had to relive and all the tragedy that trailed during and after the games. I cried sooo many times, it’s unbelievable. I think I cried more this time around than the first time I’ve read the books. There’s simply no getting used to saying goodbye to fictional characters you have come to love.


I’m still betting on you, girl on fire.

Not only did I reread a much loved book series, I also bought new books! I discovered this really rad bookstore in a mall just a few blocks away from my apartment and I’ve basically been there every chance I get. It’s called Right Reads which is a book store/cafe. They have quite a selection of both brand new and secondhand books, all of which are reasonably priced. I bought a copy of And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini just last week and I must say that I’m so glad I’ve made the purchase. I’ve been a fan of Hosseini ever since reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, which was simply remarkable. If I could have it my way, his books would have to be require reading for grades 10 and up.


I wouldn’t spoil if for you by saying anything about the plot, but in the beginning it reminded me strongly of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It deviates from that along the way though, and starts to grown on it’s own and adopt a unique style. Hosseini’s books have always resounded to me in that he paints the struggle of a culture that’s been hugely misconstrued in the media. I think we’ve all known in the back of our minds how much the war in those parts of the world weighed in the inhabitants of all the affected nations, but rarely do we get an up close and personal view of those struggles, and not all the attempt permeated the mainstream. Which is why Hosseini’s works are so important. I think humanity in general would do well to read his books or other similar works because a little mind-opening could go a long, long way.

Lastly, I want to share this selfie of me working right now (or pretending to, since what I’m actually doing is writing this post. But to be fair, there hasn’t been any emails to answer for over an hour now so…) I’m really happy to be posting for the first time in two months!


There is a break in my glasses, I know. I accidentally stepped on it and well… I guess it happens even to the best of us. But yes, that’s everything that’s been going on with me of late! How about you? Please feel free to leave me comments and update me about what you’ve been doing or getting into lately!

Thanks for dropping by and happy reading!

Much love,


What are your thoughts on this post? Comment and share them with me!

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