Review Policy

Hello and thank you for visiting my review policy page. I’ve taken my time writing this and thinking it through, and it’s nice to know someone is bothering to read it!

My policy is simple: HONEST REVIEWS ALL THE TIME

It doesn’t matter how I acquired the book, who gave/recommended it to me, or how much it cost. None of these things would have any bearing on my reviews at all. Books are worthy investments, always. I will review a book based on it’s merits in direct subjectivity to my own judgment and intentional/unintentional biases: what I thought of it, if I enjoyed it, which characters speak to me, etc… these will be based on my own honest, personal opinion untainted of any malice or false flattery.

Review format:

  • Title of the Book
  • Series, if it belongs to any.
  • Author
  • Genre
  • How I got it

My coconut ratings would be found at the bottom of every review.


I do not accept nor am I willing to accept any monetary compensation for any of my book reviews. I also reserve the right to not finish a book if I don’t find it agreeable to my taste and sensitivity.


What are your thoughts on this post? Comment and share them with me!

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