Stacking the Shelves #5


Stacking the Shelves is a book meme hosted weekly by the lovely people at Tynga’s Reviews. It’s all about sharing whatever new book we’re adding to our shelves this week. All book formats are welcome, as well as every manner of acquisition, except the illegal kind. Bought, borrowed, or books we received as gifts, paperbacks, hardbacks, epubs, kindles, for as long as they’re books, you can add them to your list.

For more information, you can visit the Stacking the Shelves official launch page.

I got a pretty good haul this week, if I do say so myself. Books I’ve been wanting to read in a million years as well as books my fellow book bloggers loved: I had the chance to hoard them all and add them to my perpetually growing and hopelessly massive To-Be-Read list.

dangerous girlsfly by nightbared to yousome girls are

 Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
 This got a five star from a favorite and trusted book blogger of mine, so Imma check it out
Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge
 Because Tanya likes this book and I’m curious as to why
Bared to You by Sylvia Day
Not gonna lie, I sort of liked Fifty Shades of Grey – hold on to your pitchforks – but I liked this one better. As in waaaaaay better. In fact, if you didn’t like Fifty Shades, you will probably love this one. So I highly recommend it. Yep. Here’s my review!
Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers
 I’ve read this before but OMG, it’s so good I had to have a copy

something like normalantigoddessreflected in youthe unquiet

Something Like Normal by Trish Doller
 Dude. Many of my trusted bloggers had gone gaga over this. I wanna know why!
Antigoddess by Kendare Blake
♥ Finally got this, OMG! Am I happy or what?! Love love love Kendare Blake, and I’m very excited to read this one.
Reflected in You by Sylvia Day
♥ Book 2 of Crossfire, I just got this today and after reading Bared to You, I’m very excited to get into this.
The Unquiet by Jeannine Garsee
 No one recommended me this but it has such an interesting premise that I could not restrain myself from buying it. Plus, look at that beautiful underwater cover! It’s so pretty I can’t stop looking.

…. and finally, my one and only approved request from Netgalley this week:

selling scarlet

Selling Scarlett by Ella James
  which is another one of my NA Try-out experiments. Love the cover so hopefully the story delivers.

So I guess that’s it for me this week! What do you think of my haul? Leave me comments and links and let’s talk about our ever growing TBR Piles! (I’m sure we all have that in common!)

Happy reading! xoxo


Stacking The Shelves #4


Stacking the shelves is a book meme hosted by the lovely people at Tynga’s Reviews. It allows us to tell the world about our new books and it’s a good way to know about new titles, get to know other book-lovers, and find out what everyone else is reading.

I’ve got a few books to add to my shelf this week. Let’s start with the ones I got from Kobo:


1. Wake (Watersong #1) by Amanda Hocking
2. Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park (REVIEW!)
3. OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu
4. Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis
5. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

And these are the recent ARCs I got from Netgalley:


1. Hidden Wings by Cameo Renae
2. Infinity (The Chronicles of Nerisette #3) by Andrea Buchanan


Six books to add to my ever growing TBR Pile. I might need another Read-A-thon just to get through 1% of this. But I love hoarding books almost as much as I do reading them, so I really can’t be sorry.

Anyway, how about you? What’s on your haul this week? Leave me links and comments and let’s talk!


Stacking the Shelves #3


Hola! What a week this was. It felt like a year to me. If you guys don’t know, this has been happening in my city since Monday, and yep, it’s a bit traumatic. But I think we’ll be okay soon, although life as we know it had been thoroughly disrupted. That said, I wasn’t able to receive any physical books, but I bought some ebooks from Amazon, and I’m going to tell you about them in a bit.

As you all know by now, Stacking The Shelves is a wonderful weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It allows us to showcase our recent haul no matter what format or how we got it. This week, I participated in a Read-a-thon, so I promised myself to pick up a few stuff from my growing pile instead of adding new ones. I had to buy at least 3 books though, because… well, you know. It’s hard not to.

From Amazon:

ee0efc719d4447c95dffae9b4d30d506Outside, The - Laura Bickle12813630_thumb.jpg

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell was supposed to be part of my newest book club monthly read for Reblog Book Club, which is the official book club of Tumblr. Sad to say, I might DNF it. Cath’s personality was grating on my nerves from the first few pages, and that’s never a good sign. But I might pick it up again, since I bought it and it’d be a waste to not read it. The Outside is a sequel to The Hallowed Ones, which as you all know is a book I adored. I also got The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black after pining for it for months.

From Netgalley and Edelweiss:


I’ve read Awkward by Marni Bates before and I liked it, so when I saw Notable, I requested it immediately. Fortunately, it came through. Playing Dirty is my first ever approved request from Edelweiss, it’s the second book in Jennifer Echol’s Stargazer series. I could not believe they actually approved this particular request, but I’m glad they did.

So I guess that’s it for me this week! What’s on your list? Leave me comments and links and let’s talk!

Happy reading! xoxo ♥


Stacking The Shelves #2


One of the book memes I look forward to every week is Tynga’s Reviews Stacking The Shelves. I love sharing my recent book haul to my fellow book-lovers and I also can’t wait to see what they got for themselves. It’s a great way to find new titles and meet new people while blog-hopping, and it’s a lot of fun to make creative ways of presenting your post. Any book, no matter the format or manner of acquisition is welcome to be added to your Stacking The Shelves list. This week, I got six new books and one audiobook, and I am so stoked to tell you about them.

From Kobo and Amazon:


I bought The Spectacular Now because I was curious when I found out it was made into a movie with Shailene Woodley in it. I love Shailene, and she seems to be getting such huge roles lately! Apparently, in the movie adaptation, she gets to play Aimee, and now I can’t wait to find out what book Aimee is like. Skulduggery Pleasant is one of my most favorite book series of all time, probably next to Harry Potter, and Last Stand of Dead Men is the penultimate installment. I also really, really like The Lorien Legacy, and The Fall of Five is it’s fourth book so I immediately bought it the day after it came out. Love You Hate You Miss You is a recommendation from my friend Kathryn. She always recommends the best books, so I made sure to get a copy of this one.

From Netgalley:


To tell you that I was excited to see a David Levithan book in my approved list will be an understatement. Boy Meets Boy was originally published last 2005, but they were offering copies for readers that are not from the U.S. or the U.K., and since I’m from Asia, I immediately clicked the request button. When the affirmative email came in, I jumped up and down with joy! I feel so lucky, haha. I also got Sia from Netgalley, and I have to say, the synopsis is really intriguing and the reviews have nothing bad to say so far. Approved requests really do excite me a lot, and these two look very promising. I cannot wait to start reading them.

From Audible:


An audiobook, yay! I was debating whether or not to buy an actual copy of Blood Red Road or to buy an audiobook so I could listen to the suspense. After reading the reviews, I decided it would be a one of a kind experience to listen to it instead. I started today, and it’s really fantastic so far. Here’s to hoping it stays that way ‘til the end. Smile

What do you think of my latest haul? Leave me comments and links to your own so I can check them out too!

Happy reading! x ♥


Stacking The Shelves – The Crazy Bookworm joins the fun (#1)


Stacking the Shelves is a way for us book enthusiasts to share the books we’ve recently added to our shelves and/or digital libraries. This means that any book format is welcome to be included in our lists – may it be paperback, hardbound, epub, pdf, mobi – physical or digital copies, purchased, given, or barrowed from the library, we can all count it in.

If you’re like me, who is a self-confessed book hoarder, you know how hard it is to contain the excitement brought about by getting your hands on a new book. Stacking the Shelves is a good outlet to express your enthusiasm and devotion over new titles you are excited about. This wonderful book meme is originally hosted by the lovely people at Tynga’s Review, so thanks to them for giving me something to do on my otherwise boring Sunday afternoon.

Just this week I made an account on Netgalley and I already have 2 approved requests. These are the books that I acquired through generous publishers who agreed to a free book/ honest review exchange.

(Nota Bene: Clicking on the book covers will lead you to their Goodreads page.)


I am very excited about these titles. The Pentrals is from Apalogue Entertainment and Inhuman is from Scholastic. Just looking at Inhuman makes my toes curl in appreciation. The cover looks like it’s a The Hunger Games x Divergent love child. The Pentrals also has this intriguing cover art that I can’t help but wonder about. Hopefully, I get to start reading these books soon.

Recent haul from Amazon and Ebay:


I cannot even begin to tell how stoked I am. Look at those gorgeous covers! Bunheads was suggested to me by my friend Kathryn while All of Our Yesterdays was something I was dying to get my hands on because of all the rave reviews it got from my favorite bloggers. Code Name: Verity is on my To-Read list for ages now but I only remembered to buy it last Friday. Hopefully I get to read it soon  because a lot of people seem to like it  a lot. Also, if you guys are familiar with The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, you might recognize Jennifer E. Smith who wrote it, and now I can’t wait to start her other book, This is What Happy Looks Like. As for Slated, that cover is just so stunningly pretty that I can’t stop staring at it!!! I’ve also heard lots of good things about Chosen Ones and it’s synopsis is one of the most interesting that I’ve ever read, so I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Aaaaand that’s it! This week’s book haul looks very promising, don’t you think? But what about you? What are your latest book finds? Leave me with your links in the comments section so I can check them out. =)

Happy reading! x ♥